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Essential Readings in Forensic Psychology

Competency Cases

DUSKY v. UNITED STATES, 362 U.S. 402 (1960)

PATE v. ROBINSON, 383 U.S. 375 (1966)

GODINEZ v. MORAN, 509 U.S. 389 (1993)


in re HERNANDEZ (2006) ... California case law limiting information/examiners from the competency proceeding being used in the sanity phase.

Indiana v. EDWARDS (2008) ... U.S. Supreme Court, competency for self-representation.

People v. JOHNSON (2012) ... California case law interpretation/implementation of Indiana v. EDWARDS.


Report of the Trial of Daniel M'Naughton for the Willful Murder
of Edward Drummond, Esq.
... the complete trial record ... 83 pages.

... download the .pdf (large file, 4.5Mb)
... or read it online

From: "Modern State Trials: Revised and Illustrated with Essays and Notes" (1850) ... a record of what happened after the McNaugton trial - an original source describing the development of the classic rule.

... read it online (the chapter begins here with an essay at page 314).
... read it online (the relevant portion of the text begins here at page 326).

Arson & Firesetting

Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Manual (.pdf download, large file, 5.6Mb)
... from FEMA, by Jessica Gaynor, Ph.D., 2002.
Includes assessment tools for arson risk evaluations & plans for individual and community interventions ... describes risk factors.

Drugs and Alcohol

Possession for Sale:  When is enough enough?
Regarding expert testimony in drug possession cases, by Stephen M. Pittel, Ph.D   |