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What is psyris?

I am a psychologist in independent practice.
I've been licensed for almost 30 years.   I have a broad range of interests and this is my own project.

The psychology resource information system has evolved over a number of years.

Over the years, I have created various psychological assessment tools. Two of them are here online:

The Brief Psychological Health Index

Psyris Depression Screening

I have also developed various professional directories and web pages.

Here, I am providing a system that allows professionals a way to create and maintain a webpage, and/or to extend their web presence.

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It's free, and it's easy ... it's a complete web presence for your practice, or you can use it to extend your web presence and boost traffic back to your own home page.

Why is it free?

Well, there is some advertising ... has been a work in progress for some time. I haven't quit my "day job" ... my "day job" keeps me occupied and routinely fascinated.

I will be doing more with in the future, and with my writing at

If you have any questions, commments, complaints or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

My contact information is at my psyris page:

I am a licensed psychologist in independent practice. This is my own project.

... paul g. mattiuzzi,  ph.d.