This is a self-assessment and screening instrument.
If you need professional advice or diagnosis, please contact a psychologist.

Psyris Depression Screening - Symptom Checklist

The following items are all symptoms that may be caused by depression.
You may experience some of these feelings every now and then, just as a normal part of life.

Most of the time during the past two weeks:

I have felt downhearted and blue, or sad and empty ... True False

I have hardly had any interest in things that I usually find pleasurable and satisfying ... True False

I have been gaining or losing weight unexpectedly, or my appetite has not been right ... True False

I have had a lot of trouble sleeping, or I have been sleeping too much ... True False

I have been agitated and restless, like I can't sit still.
Or instead, it seems that I've slowed down a lot ...
True False

I have felt tired or fatigued, or it seems that I've had no energy ... True False

I have been feeling worthless, or unusually guilty about something ... True False

I haven't been able to think or to concentrate as well as I should,
or I have had a lot of difficulty making decisions ...
True False

I have been thinking about death quite a bit, or I've been thinking about suicide ... True False

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