Frederique Georges, MFT, SEP
Marriage & Family Therapist
License:   MFC 51859   

Body-oriented psychotherapy. Trauma resolution. Early attachment deficits.

Hayes Valley

Frederique Georges, MFT, SEP
425 Gough Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

415 820 1680

As an MFT and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, I work with a unique blend of traditional psychotherapy and a felt sense approach. I use a variety of modalities (psychodynamics/ early attachment theories/ experiential/ transpersonal) with body awareness: this complex array of tools allows for a smoother healing process. My specialty is in the renegotiation and the resolution of overwhelming traumatic experience that happened “too fast, too much, too soon” and that have caused debilitating symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress and loss. With the SE method I guide my clients into self-regulating the emotions that have become unmanageable and the nervous system that has been shocked. I also specialize in early attachment deficits and how they manifest in adult life. I am eager to work with the full spectrum of life issues that occur at all ages. I am open to work with immigrants, survivors of torture and war vets.

Psychotherapy with a body orientation approach. Felt sense, Mindfulness.
Trauma resolution through what the body holds as a memory.
Work through the painful early infancy attachment deficits.

Areas of Expertise
Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Relationships, Loss and Grief, Anger Issues,Individual, Couples, Children and Adults, War vets, Survivors of Torture, Immigrants, Domestic Violence, Religious Cults, LGBT, Addiction, Abuse, Sexual Abuse Recovery, Early Wounding Attachment to Caregiver.

Office Information:

Available Tuesday through Friday by appointment