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West Hollywood Couples Therapy Clinic

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Harel Papikian, Psy.D.
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West Hollywood Couples Therapy Clinic is founded to serve the beautifully diverse and multifaceted community of gay men. Our primary focus is gay male couples therapy and marriage counseling, however, our expertise extends to include sexual concerns, coming out, sexual identity, depression, anxiety and trauma (PTSD).

Couples Therapy - Guiding gay couples toward more fulfilling, harmonious and loving relationships.

Relationship Counseling - Geared toward the singles among us, who would like to change their relationship status and bring love and companionship into their life.

Depression and Anxiety Therapy - Helping gay men facing depression and anxiety symptoms to re-establish their wellbeing.

Trauma Therapy - Helping survivors of physical, sexual, or emotional trauma to recover, heal, and restore their inner peace.

Coming Out Counseling - Guiding both young and mature gay men toward integrated and empowered sexual and erotic identity.

Sex Therapy - Helping gay men and same sex couples overcome sexual obstacles and enhance their sexual wellness.

Addiction Therapy - Supporting and guiding gay men toward recovery from addiction and chemical dependence.

Areas of Expertise

Office Information:

West Hollywood Couples Therapy Clinic does not accept insurance, however, we will provide billing statements to insurance carriers as an out-of-network-provider. We will also work with you to assure you are able to afford and benefit from our services.

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