Sidney K. Nelson, Ph.D.
License:   6474   

Forensic Psychological Assessment (child custody, criminal, juvenile)

Midtown Sacramento

Sidney K. Nelson, Ph.D.
1012 19th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

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After obtaining his Ph.D., Dr. Nelson completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute in Los Angeles. He received his license to practice psychology from the California Board of Psychology in 1980.

Dr. Nelson's practice is almost exclusively devoted to conducting forensic psychological evaluations of adults, children, and families in a variety of forensic contexts within the legal system. He regularly conducts evaluations on appointment from the courts and on referral from attorneys. Dr. Nelson has qualified as an expert witness in Sacramento and several surrounding counties in the areas of forensic psychology, child custody, criminal forensic and juvenile dependency.

In the past, Dr. Nelson supervised post-doctoral interns at the UCD Department of Psychiatry as an assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry. He is also a former president of the SVPA Forensic Division. For the past 15 years Dr. Nelson has also served as an expert case reviewer for the California Board of Psychology.

Child Custody Evaluations
Criminal Forensic Evaluations (trial competency, insanity, sex
offenders,probation suitability)
Juvenile Dependency Court Evaluations of adults, adolescents and
Juvenile Offender Assessments
Court Ordered Evaluations
Expert Testimony
Consultaton to attorneys in family or criminal law matters

Areas of Expertise
Forensic Psychological Evaluations
Assessment of adults, adolescents and children
Assessment of parents and children in child custody diputes before the
Assessment of adult and juvenile sexual offenders

Office Information:

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