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Susan Axtell, Psy.D.
Psychotherapy for Adults-Anxiety, Trauma, Relationship Problems, Depression
License: PSY20123
Beverly Hills

Rachel L. Barr, M.A., MFT
Support and compassion for a creative community.
License: MFC46985
Los Angeles

Stacy Berlin, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychology and Psychoanalysis
License: PSY16878
West Los Angeles

Audrey E. Boggs, Psy.D.
A Work of Heart, Child and Family Center
License: PSY22027
Santa Monica,

Barbara C. Counter, Ph.D.
Clinical and Forensic Psychology
License: PSY7449
Beverly Hills

Fallynn Cox, Psy.D.
Full-time private practice clinical psychology
License: PSY19993

Audrey Davidheiser, Ph.D.
I aim to help you break through your problems in therapy.
License: PSY 22815
Studio City

Annette Ermshar, Ph.D., MSCP, ABPP (Forensic)
Forensic, Clinical, and Neuropsychology
License: PSY 18549
San Marino

Lawrence Ferber, PhD
Senior clinical psychologist, National Stress Clinic
License: 23261
Los Angeles

Sharon M. Friedman, Ph.D.
I am a certified psychotherapist who works with individuals and groups.
License: 12616 MFT
Santa Monica

James Graves, PhD, PsyD
Clinical and Consulting Psychology
License: PSY18196

Martin Hsia, Psy.D.
Psychotherapy serving Glendale, La Canada, Pasadena, and surrounding areas
License: PSY#22978

Helen Z. Landon, PhD
Dr. Helen Z. Landon works with adults on an individual basis
License: CA psy15876
Santa Monica

Natalie Moore, LMFT
Providing holistic psychotherapy to ambitious, creative millennials.
License: #MFC107413

Regine Muradian, Psy.D.
I work with children, adolescents families and couple.
License: 23187

Janaki Neptune, MFT
I enjoy working with a variety of clients, particularly women.
License: MFC45351
Santa Monica

Harel Papikian, Psy.D.
West Hollywood Couples Therapy Clinic
License: PSY22807
Los Angeles

Regina Petterson, Psy.D.
Affordable Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in Los Angeles
License: PSY 18490
Los Angeles

Anais Plasketes, MFT-i
Silver Lake Sliding Scale Therapy
License: 84097
Los Angeles

Andrea Rashtian, Ph.D.
Individual counseling for children, adolescents, adults, couples & families
License: PSY 20888

Morgan Rebane, MFTI
License: MFTI 92209
Los Angeles

Neil Schierholz, PsyD
Character Analytic & Orgonomic Psychotherapy: Individuals, Couples, Groups
License: PSY25154
Los Angeles

Justin Shubert, PSY D
License: 23766
Los Angeles

Carl H. Shubs, Ph.D.
Psychotherapy - Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Addictions, & Gay/Lesbian
License: PSY8912
Beverly Hills

Lynne Steinman, Ph.D.
Psychotherapy with adults and older adults. Neuropsychological assessment.
License: PSY8923
Santa Clarita

Dana Takamoto, Psy.D.
Psychotherapy with adults, children, adolescents and family.
License: PSY19165
Redondo Beach

Reginald Veurink, M.Div., Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist Specializing in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
License: PSY 14007
Santa Clarita

Manjit Walia, Psy.D.
Adults, Adolescents, Couples and Family Psychology
License: PSY23225

Adam Weisman, Ph.D.
Forensic Psychology
License: PSY 13830
Los Angeles

Miller Yvonne , Ph.D.
Therapy, psychological testing and forensic assessments.
License: PSY 17989