Robin Kirk, MA
Marriage & Family Therapist
License:   CA MFT 37167   

Intensive treatment for anxiety, OCD, hair pulling, phobias

In Sacramento near Sacramento State University

Robin Kirk, MA
601 University Avenue
Suite 225
Sacramento, CA 95825

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The experience of co-owning an intensive program for eating disorders led to my interest in learning more about anxiety and its treatment. After being the senior clinician in an intensive program for OCD, I recognized the limitations of behavioral Exposure and Response Prevention(ERP). My passion became discovering a way to make ERP more accessible and to allow people to do exposures not only during treatment and during "homework" but to have exposure become a way of life that is one of approach rather than avoidance. As a result of learning Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) I originated Sage Psychotherapy Associates and developed the intensive program for anxiety which combines ERP and ACT.

* Intensive program for the treatment of OCD, generalized anxiety, skin picking, hair pulling, perfectionism, food phobias as a result of an eating disorder.
* Individual, couples, family and group psychotherapy.
* Support groups.

Areas of Expertise
* generalized anxiety
* skin picking
* hair pulling
* specific phobias
* eating disorders
* depression
* relationship issues
* life dissatisfaction

Office Information:

Sage offers both an intensive treatment program as well as individual/couples/family/group therapy. Our clinicians have a wide variety of interest and expertise and I hope you will visit our website to learn more about the clinical staff and the ways in which we might be of benefit to you.