Raymond Buscemi, Psy.D.
License:   PSY 22036   

Psychotherapy, Supervision, Consultation

The Phelan Bulding, San Francisco at Powell Street Station

Raymond Buscemi, Psy.D.
760 Market Street
Suite 1011
San Francisco, CA 94102


I received my doctorate from The Wright Institute, Berkeley (2005)
Internship at C.G. Jung Institute-San Francisco (2003-2005)

Currently I work in the field of addiction research and treatment and maintain a private practice in San Francisco.

My practice consists of therapies tailored to specific treatment goals of individual clients and couples.

For those looking to address specific issues that are getting in the way of enjoying day to day life - depression, anxiety, inability to trust, tendency to do or say things that are later regretted - I offer psychotherapy with a focus on unlearning the thoughts/behaviors that contribute to dissatisfaction and with an emphasis on skill training and learning new ways to manage familiar challenges.

For those who are finding it difficult to make specific changes in their lives and want to try to resolve the ambivalence that is holding them back I offer Motivation Enhancement Therapy, either brief (9 sessions) or as part of a longer-term therapy. This therapy has also been found to be extremely helpful for people who think that they might have an alcohol or substance abuse problem and would like the opportunity for a non-judgmental consultation.

Jungian psychotherapy allows for an exploration of the life you are living. Together we explore the thoughts, feelings, actions, and dreams that arise as one might consult a map, a compass, a sense of direction, on a journey in a land that is at once both familiar and strange.

Feel free to call or email with any questions you might have. An initial three session assessment precedes treatment and allows for tailoring treatment to your goals, needs, and interests.

Areas of Expertise
* Coming out process
* substance use/dependence
* Depression, anxiety, and trauma treatment
* Professional Consultation
* Clinical Supervision

Office Information:

By appointment only.