Robert M. Gordon, Ph.D., ABPP
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Forensic and Clinical Psychodiagnostic Consultations

Allentown, Pa.

Robert M. Gordon, Ph.D., ABPP
1259 s. cedar crest blvd. 325
Allentown, PA 18103


* Dr. Gordon has been qualified to testify on matters of civil and criminal forensic psychology in numerous state, federal and international jurisdictions.
* Dr. Gordon is one of the leading experts in the MMPI-2, the most frequently used and reliable psychological test in forensic evaluations.
* Dr. Gordon served as the president of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, as well as on the governing council of the American Psychological Association (APA).
* Dr. Gordon is a fellow of APA and double board certified in both Clinical Psychology and in Psychoanalysis with the American Board of Professional Psychology and a member of the American Psychology-Law Society of the American Psychological Association.
* Dr. Gordon has authored 9 books and over 45 scholarly articles and chapters on such topics as psychodiagnostic assessment, malingering, impression management, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, child custody, parental alienation, psychopathic personality and ethics.

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* IMEs and psychological record reviews
* Criminal responsibility
* Mental state
* Competency to stand trial
* Capital mitigation evaluations
* Juvenile matters and transfer evaluations
* Sentencing evaluations
* Malingering and deception
* Testamentary capacity
* Personal injury and emotional distress claims
* Malpractice � plaintiff and defense
* Sexual offender evaluations
* Risk assessment
* Political asylum
* Family law: custody, parental competence, parental alienation, adoption
* Employment issues: fitness for duty, discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination

Areas of Expertise
* Dr. Gordon showed that the MMPI-2 detects malingered PTSD and that coached malingering is even easier to detect.
* Dr. Gordon showed empirical support for Parental Alienation Syndrome and was the first to find that the dynamics of the alienating parent applies equally to both mothers and fathers, i.e. gender is not a factor.
* Dr. Gordon showed how to use testing and investigation techniques in sex abuse allegations.
* Published on The Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual (PDM). Corsini's Encyclopedia of Psychology (2010)

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