Robert M. Gordon, Ph.D., ABPP
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Forensic and Clinical Psychodiagnostic Consultations

Robert M. Gordon, Ph.D., ABPP
14041 Bellagio Way 214
Osprey, FL 34229


* Dr. Gordon has been qualified to testify on matters of civil and criminal forensic psychology in numerous state, federal and international jurisdictions.
* Dr. Gordon is one of the leading experts in the MMPI-2, the most frequently used and reliable psychological test in forensic evaluations.
* Dr. Gordon served as the president of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, as well as on the governing council of the American Psychological Association (APA).
* Dr. Gordon is a fellow of APA and double board certified in both Clinical Psychology and in Psychoanalysis with the American Board of Professional Psychology and a member of the American Psychology-Law Society of the American Psychological Association.
* Dr. Gordon has authored many scholarly articles and chapters on such topics as psychodiagnostic assessment, malingering, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,and ethics.

Copies of these publications can be found at

* IMEs and psychological record reviews
* Criminal responsibility
* Mental state
* Competency to stand trial
* Capital mitigation evaluations
* Juvenile matters and transfer evaluations
* Sentencing evaluations
* Malingering and deception
* Testamentary capacity
* Personal injury and emotional distress claims
* Malpractice � plaintiff and defense
* Sexual offender evaluations
* Risk assessment
* Political asylum
* Employment issues: fitness for duty, discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination

Areas of Expertise
Psychological diagnoses and assessment

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