Brendan Pratt, Ph.D.
License:   PSY17794   

Psychological Evaluations, Educational Advocacy and School Placement Advice

Silicon Valley

Brendan Pratt, Ph.D.
4 Main Street, Suite 110
Los Altos, CA 94022


At The Pratt Center, we specialize in psychological evaluations of children and adolescents. We have five licensed psychologists who assist with: gifted and talented students, educational accommodations, school placement, anxiety, depression, Aspergerís disorder, autism, oppositional behavior, attentional problems (ADD / ADHD), and learning disabilities (reading, writing and math). We provide guidance for parents with questions regarding school placement for their child. We co-authored the Parentsí Guide to School Selection in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties (2006). Finally, we provide individual psychotherapy to children, adolescents and adults to address: anxiety and depression, school and work stress, interpersonal difficulties, parenting challenges, chronic illness and pain, loss and bereavement, social skills and self-esteem, and separation and divorce. Comprehensive information about psychotherapy and psychological evaluations is available at

Educational evaluations
Psychological evaluations
School observations
Educational advocacy
School placement assistance
Kindergarten readiness evaluations

Areas of Expertise
Gifted and talented students
Aspergerís disorder and autism
Bipolar disorder
Mental retardation
Oppositional behavior
Attention problems (ADD/ADHD)
Learning disabilities

Office Information:

Families can schedule appointments that meet their needs online through our secure web site
At the outset, families know when the process will begin and when they will receive the final report
Our website describes exactly what a comprehensive evaluation includes
All of our fees, policies and procedures are posted on our website
All testing is completed by experienced licensed psychologists with biographies online
Our reports are readily understood by parents and teachers, and recommendations are thorough and practical