Paul W. Anderson, Ph.D.
License:   KS 1260   

Solution focused stategies for couples and work teams who are stuck

Kansas City metro - Overland Park, KS

Paul W. Anderson, Ph.D.
8216 W 113th Ter
Overland Park, KS 66210


I have been in private practice for over 25 years as a licensed counseling psychologist. Contact Dr. Anderson at 913-991-2302 to learn more about his work in corporate management positions.

As a child growing up overseas, I experienced the need to study and develop skills useful to enter and join at will diverse groups and cultures. After completing a Masters degree in sociology and teaching college for several years, I went back to school for the PhD in counseling psychology. I wanted a more close and personal involvement with people, marriages and family relationships which the classroom did not afford.

Two things characterized my practice: 1) a strategic, solution focused perspective which 2) takes context, particularly interpersonal dynamics, into account. With this practical systemic approach, I work with people, couples and corporate management teams to develop solutions which not only give them the successes they want, but does so in a way that sustains those achievements.

It is often assumed that when a goal is achieved it will be sustained. My experience is the opposite. Being successful is easy compared to the challenge of sustaining that success. A large part of my expertise is helping people be successful with their goals in the unique ways necessary to maintain those goals, once achieved.

I provide the context and skill sets for couples and marriages to:
* build bridges between angry wives and cold husbands
* develop communication skills which reduce conflict and escalating tension
* recover trust lost due to trauma, including infidelity
* manage addictions including alcohol, drugs, sex and emotional abuse
* manage and sustain joyful intimacy on all levels of the relationship

I enable corporate executives to:
* manage business and work stress
* regain balance between work and home life
* manage and enhance their careers despite obstacles and challenges

I work with corporate management and executive teams to unravel human snarls that lead to low productivity.

Areas of Expertise
Couple and marriage relationship dynamics, marriage therapy, counseling
Systemic, solution focused problem solving (finding practical ways to manage interpersonal reality)
Corporate executive and work team development of emotional intelligence
Career consultation and coaching

Office Information:

-I see clients in my home office Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, evening hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
-I set my own appointments, so please call (913-991-2302)and leave your callback information. We will find the soonest time convenient for you to come in.
-I am an out-of-network provider by my own choice to protect my clients' confidentiality. Ask me for more information about how using your mental health coverage can hurt you in the long run.
-My fee-for-service can be paid with cash, check or with credit card. With advance purchase of sessions, my fee can be discounted up to 25%.