Patricia Frisch, Ph.D.
License:   PSY 8206   

Reichian/Orgonomic Therapist: Individuals, Couples, Groups

Approximately 15 minutes north of San Francisco

Patricia Frisch, Ph.D.
315 Eldridge Avenue
Mill Valley, CA 94941


How can you live your life with more authenticity, release the pain of your past, and embody an energized, joyful life? This is the essential therapeutic riddle. Using verbal psychodynamic therapy, along with a specialty in Reichian bodywork, and decades of experience, I help clients develop the deep awareness and insight needed to make important and healthy changes in their lives now.

With a functionally deep understanding of the mind/body relationship, the Reichian/Orgonomic Therapist simultaneously analyzes the patient's character ("Character Analysis") as it presents itself through the way the client walks, talks, feels and thinks, etc., and the chronic biophysical holdings in the nervous system and musculature that anchor and support dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors. This is done through relationship-building verbal dialog, direct discussion of unproductive defenses, consistent analysis, and the release of biophysical armoring through a variety of interventions. Developed out of Wilhelm Reich's character-analytic technique, which views the mind and body as one functional unit, Reichian Therapy is the classical foundation of Somatic Psychology.

I believe our dreams provide insight and direction and will bring to light the deeper aspects of the unconscious. With compassion and courage, we'll confront difficult pasts, current problems, and issues such as eating disorders, sexual problems, and chronic physical distress. Good relationships are so important to a happy life and I help clients to have better interactions and learn improved communication skills and ways to relate that encourage success in intimacy.

My style is warm, sometimes directive, intuitive, and always deeply engaged. I have been in practice since 1976. In addition to group, couples, and individual therapy, I train licensed professionals in Reichian techniques, the basis of many current somatic methods, and conduct on-going supervision groups for students and professionals. I lead popular transformational workshops at Esalen® Institute which focus on developing more effective interpersonal skills.

My office is part of my home in the redwoods of Mill Valley. It is a cozy, peaceful, quiet spot conducive to privacy.

> Individual Therapy for Adults
> Couples Therapy
> Group Therapy
> Family Therapy
> Reichian Somatic Body Interventions
> Clinical Training for Professionals
> Supervision Groups for Professionals
> Esalen® Workshops - annually

Areas of Expertise
* Anxiety or Fears
* Relationship Issues
* Gay Lesbian Issues
* Depression
* Addictions
* Divorce
* Elderly Persons Disorders
* Life Coaching
* Loss or Grief
* Parenting
* Trauma and PTSD
* Dissociative Disorders
* Impulse Control Disorders
* Personality Disorders
* Chronic health issues

Office Information:

Dr. Frisch is billable by health plans that offer mental health benefits and allow clients to choose their own provider.