Michael P. Brannon, Psy.D.
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Forensic Psychology

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Michael P. Brannon, Psy.D.
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Dr. Michael P. Brannon is co-director of the Institute for Behavioral Sciences and the Law in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is a Florida licensed psychologist with specializations in clinical and forensic psychology. He has handled thousands of cases in a forensic capacity and has testified as an expert over 1000 times in Federal and State Court Criminal and Civil Divisions throughout Florida. He regularly is appointed as an expert by the judiciary and is often called upon as an expert witness or forensic consultant to attorneys. Dr. Brannon also has taught and supervised doctoral students at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale. He has co-taught a doctoral class with Dr. Sherrie Bourg Carter called Criminal Law and Forensic Psychology. He also frequently speaks as a guest lecturer in various law and pre-law classes in South Florida on a variety of topics related to forensic psychology. In addition, he has taught classes on topics such as human sexuality, forensic assessment, sport psychology, and child and adolescent psychological issues. Dr. Brannon also has presented seminars nationally to attorneys on a variety of topics, including juvenile evaluations, competency to stand trial evaluations, substance abuse evaluations, sanity evaluations, and malingering in personal injury evaluations. In addition, he has been invited to be a speaker at Florida judicial conferences on the topics of stalking, competency to stand trial evaluations, and mental health issues in the legal system.

* Competency to Stand Trial Evaluations
* Sanity/State of Mind Evaluations
* Downward Departure Evaluations
* Substance Abuse Evaluations
* Death Penalty & Sentencing Evaluations
* Violence & Domestic Violence Risk Assessment
* Battered Spouse Evaluations
* Competency to Waive Miranda Evaluations/False Confessions
* Child Witness Evaluations
* Competency to Testify Evaluations
* Child Sexual Abuse Evaluations
* Sex Offender Evaluations
* Forensic Consultation

Areas of Expertise
Dr. Brannon's areas of expertise include false confessions, children who murder children, familial murders, substance abuse, risk assessment, malingering, ADHD in legal cases, competency, insanity, and penalty phase evaluations; and he has been qualified as an expert in all of these types of cases.

Office Information:

Please call for additional information about Dr. Brannon's professional services, availability, or fees; or visit our website at www.forensic-experts.net.