Megan L. Negendank, M.S.
Marriage & Family Therapist
License:   IMF 81004   

Individual Therapy and Marriage Counseling

Arden Arcade in Sacramento, CA

Megan L. Negendank, M.S.
701 Howe Ave
Sacramento, CA 95825


I am a therapist for adults and couples in Sacramento, CA. My career started in 2003 while studying interpersonal relationships at UC Santa Barbara. From there, I worked for years as a grief counselor & with those living with chronic illness. Since 2011, I have focused on supporting couples and individuals..

I have a deep belief that all people have a need for connection and an ability to heal. Sometimes we feel stuck in life; this may be due to traumatic experiences, disconnection with ourselves, or problems in our primary relationships. Counseling can help you heal from the past and grow into a life you love.

-Grief Counseling
-Trauma Therapy & EMDR
-Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
-Gottman Method for Couples
-Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
-Attachment-Based Counseling

Areas of Expertise
-Married & Parenting Couples with Relationship Problems
-Trauma & Anxiety
-Chronic Illness & Health Counseling

Office Information:

-Please call 916-572-7412 or visit for more information.
-Megan is a Registered Marriage & Family Therapist Intern (81004) and is supervised by Leslie Baughman, LMFT.