Lawrence Ferber, PhD
License:   23261   

Senior clinical psychologist, National Stress Clinic

Throughout New York and California

Lawrence Ferber, PhD
40 East Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90212


After two decades as a musician in New York City, Dr Lawrence Ferber shifted gears and moved into the field of psychology. Now over ten years into his second career, Dr Ferber has used his inspiration to counsel his patients on a wide range of issues, from family counseling and substance abuse issues to anxiety and depression.

Dr Ferber has channeled his energy strongly into family services, performing a great deal of work in engaging fathers with their children. Additionally, he has strongly pursued study and action in the area of substance abuse disorders, including counseling on the connections between substance abuse and family issues.

Dr Ferber´┐Żs strong interest in creating a supportive atmosphere in the personal lives of those with who he works extends to his conversations as a therapist, where he provides quality listening and counsel to his patients.

Online & Distance therapy
Licensed in New York & California
Works with Adults, Seniors, Adolescents, Children

Areas of Expertise
Anxiety disorders
childhood disorders
cognitive disorders
mood disorders
substance-related disorders

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