Kimberly Brooks, PhD
License:   PSY1802   

Senior clinical psychologist, National Stress Clinic

Throughout Washington State

Kimberly Brooks, PhD
40 East Main Street


In a career spanning over two decades, Dr Kimberly Brooks has earned great experience treating children and adults for a wide variety of issues, both in her private practice as well as work as a consultant.

With a particular focus on children and their parents, Dr Brooks has treated parents with young children, pregnant women, and adults on issues ranging from anxiety and depression to Pervasive Developmental Disorders in children.

Her experience with children gives Dr Brooks a particular empathy for her patients, allowing her to provide the highest quality counsel in treating the issues with which they are affected.

Online & Distance therapy
Licensed in Washington state and Maryland
Works with children, adults and seniors

Areas of Expertise
Anxiety disorders
childhood disorders
mood disorders
personality disorders

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