Jonathan Gould, Ph.D., ABPP
License:   2081 (NC)   

child custody consultation

national consulting service

Jonathan Gould, Ph.D., ABPP
417A South Sharon Amity Road
Charlotte, NC 28277

704 641 7990

fax 704-837-2969

I am part of a five (5) member national consulting group called "Child Custody Consultants." We provide litigation support services to attorneys involved in family law matters. Among the services provided are review of forensic evaluations, drafting of direct and cross examination questions, educating attorneys and their clients of current empirical research in child custody and child development, assisting in development of psychological aspects of trial strategy.

We also train colleagues in child custody methods and procedures, and offer workshops and seminars for attorneys, judges, and mental health professionals.

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Conduct forensic evaluations
child custody evaluations
comprehensive and focused evaluations
parental fitness evaluations
termination of parental rights
Litigation support
drafting direct and cross examination questions
trial stragegy
educational services for attorneys and their clients
regarding empirical literature in child development and child
seminars, workshops, private consultations

Areas of Expertise
attorneys involved in family law disputes

Office Information:

My practice is focused on assisting attorneys involved in family law disputes. For additional informaion, please go to "" or call 704 641 7990 or 877 779 5297.