Jan Chess, PhD
Marriage & Family Therapist
License:   MFT 23874   

trauma treatment, GLBT, Expressive Art Therapies, adult ADD

5 miles west of Sacramento

Jan Chess, PhD
604-3rd Street
Davis,, CA 95616

2607 Alcatraz Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94705


I work holistically including mind, body and spirit in my approach to healing. My training and experience includes a Master's degree in Expressive Art Therapies and graduate teaching in a somatic psychology program. My experience includes more than 25 years of sexual abuse treatment with individuals as well as consultation and training in this area.

1. individual psychotherapy
2. couples therapy
3. expressive art workshops

Areas of Expertise
1. adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse
2. dissociative disorders
3. adults diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder
4. GLBT people
5. groups and workshops facilitating creative expression

Office Information:

1. weekday appointments from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
2. limited number of low fee slots, sliding scale fee
3. ask about whether I accept your health plan
4. office accessible by car, bus and Amtrak