Stancil Hutchinson, Psy.D.
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Testing, Evaluation, and Psychotherapy

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Stancil Hutchinson, Psy.D.
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Having worked with a variety of clients over the years, I realize that you are a unique individual with specific treatment goals. At our first meeting, we will discuss how therapy will work best for your needs. From the start, I can help you feel comfortable enough to build a therapeutic relationship based on trust and honesty. Your goals for treatment are a central priority and will be discussed, revisited, and measured throughout our work together. Feel free to give me a call: I offer a free phone consultaiton.

I use "research-based" treatments for specific problems: anxiety (PTSD, panic attacks, social fears, excessive worrying, phobias, OCD), depression (recent, longterm), bipolar disorders, stress-related issues (problems with family, work, etc.), physical aches and pains, and personality issues (ongoing relationship problems, low self-esteem, self-defeating behaviors, etc).

Many therapists are not psychologists, so they do not utilize psychological testing. Testing can be valuable for learning more about yourself. I also provide a "feedback session," werein we discuss test results, so that you can better understand the nature of your distress and the strengths you bring to treatment.

Evaluation and/or Treatment for the following:

Anxiety Disorders--Panic, trauma, excessive worrying, obsessive-compulsive, specific phobias, etc.
Chronic Pain or Illness
Mood Disorders--Major Depression, Dysthymia, Bipolar, etc.
Cognitive or Neuropsychological Issues--Learning Disorders, ADHD, etc.
Personality Disorders--Negative self-image, ongoing relationship problems, self-defeating behaviors, etc.)

Additional Services:

Pre-Surgical Clearance Evaluations--Gastric Bypass, Spinal Cord Stimulators, etc.
Psychological Testing for Evaluators in the Medical-Legal Field

Areas of Expertise
I predominately work with adults (18-64), although I also offer evaluation for learning disabilities and associated issues for children and adolescents.

Office Information:

Available on request. Please call.