Ruthann Fox-Hines, Ph.D.
License:   SC 175   

Counseling psychology focusing on a health vs illness model

Columbia SC near USC and Five Points

Ruthann Fox-Hines, Ph.D.
2810 Monroe St.
Columbia , SC 29205-2550

1802 Bull Run Court
Greensboro NC 27407


Dr. Fox-Hines received her masters and doctorate degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and interned at Duke University. Recently Dr. Fox-Hines retired from the Counseling and Human Development Center at the University of South Carolinato focus on her private professional activities and to allow more time for travel.

Dr. Fox-Hines is a counseling psychologist and focuses on finding the health within versus diagnosis of illness. She does not deal with insurance and applying codes to individuals. Because she is free of involvement with insurance, she charges less than the going rates and also retains the right to impose rules in regard to accepting someone as a client. Whenever she sees a potential new client, the initial session is a consultation during which Dr. Fox-Hines and the client determine if they are a good fit. If not, Dr. Fox-Hines provides referral information to other therapists in the community.

Although Dr. Fox-Hines does work with individuals and occasionally couples, she concentrates most of her professional energy on providing workshops for institutions, organizations and agencies on personal and interpersonal skills such as teambuilding, communications, stress management, grief and loss. Please see her web site ( for a complete listing of the workshops available.

Another major investment of professional energy is in providing experiential therapy workshops for therapists and other helping professionals for their personal and professional development. Dr. Fox-Hines has worked with Al Pesso for over 25 years and follows the Pesso-Boyden Psychomotor System approach ( mixed with some Gestalt and Psychodrama techniques. She also offers these workshops for other therapists' clients as therapeutic experiences useful as adjunct treatment to more traditional and/or cognitive-behavioral approaches, and she will come to groups led by colleagues to provide participants with opportunities to work experientially.

Additionally, Dr. Fox-Hines, enjoys writing, and her book, HEALING THE WOUND: Recovering from Loss, 2008, is available via, Barnes and and

Individual and couple counseling. Please note, no insurance is dealt with.

Workshops on communications,team building, grief and loss, stress management for agencies, organizations and institutions. See web site for complete list.

Experiential therapy workshops for therapists.

Experiential therapy workshops for other therapists' clients.

Consultations on experiential therapy for other therapists.

Areas of Expertise
Populations: adults, therapists, other therapists clients/patients, organizations, agencies, institutions and businesses.

Expertise: interpersonal and person skill building
experiential therapy
humor, laughter and play as healing

Issues: Dr. Fox-Hines is a generalist; however, she most enjoys working with self-esteme, stress, grief and family of origin issues. She will not work with suicide issues or substance abuse issues although she does accept clients who are well into recovery and keeping up with a 12-Step program to work on other issues in their lives --family, self worth, etc. Dr. Fox-Hines also does not work with individual diagnosed with psychotic disorders.

Office Information:

Dr. Fox-Hines has limited appointment times available and sees clients ONLY BY APPOINTMENTS --usually made well in advance either by phone or by e-mail. Criteria for qualifying as a client will be made available via e-mail. Dr. Fox-Hines does not list herself in the "yellow pages."

No insurance is accepted and payment is due upon service.

Information on participation in her experiential therapy workshops and the fees are available by contacting Dr. Fox-Hines via her e-mail ( Information on contracting with Dr. Fox-Hines for therapist consultations on experiential therapy with clients is also available via e-mail contact.

Information on contracting with Dr. Fox-Hines for workshops she provides for agencies, businesses, etc. is available on her web site.