Elizabeth McMahon, Ph.D.
License:   PSY6737   

Clinical Hypnosis and Individual Psychotherapy

off Union Street between Pacific Heights and the Marina

Elizabeth McMahon, Ph.D.
Cow Hollow/Pacific Hts/Marina
San Francisco, CA 94123



After receiving my master's and doctoral degrees from Case Western Reserve University, I completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Sheppard-Pratt Psychiatric Hospital and moved to San Francisco.

During my career at Kaiser-Permanente Psychiatry providing brief therapy, I developed best practices for anxiety disorders, wrote the first regional Health Education class on Managing Anxiety, trained post-doctoral psychology fellows, created numerous therapy groups, and taught clinical hypnosis. I also wrote 4 books on coping with lymphedema and frequently speak on a variety of topics.

Using treatment approaches supported by research and clinical experience, I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals.

My psychotherapy practice is designed for people who want to achieve their goals as quickly as possible, free from the constraints of managed care. I emphasize fast, effective treatment offered with flexibility, creativity, empathy, and warmth.

We will work together to help you achieve your goals using your strengths and tailoring treatment to your needs.

My specialties include teaching pregnant women hypnosis/self-hypnosis for labor and delivery and providing effective, brief treatment using:
- cognitive-behavioral therapy
- positive psychology techniques
- clinical hypnosis, self-hypnosis, relaxation, guided imagery
- mindfulness and other treatment approaches.

Areas of Expertise
Hypnosis and self-hypnosis for:
Childbirth - Stress Management - Peak Performance - other issues

Individual brief therapy for:
Anxiety - Panic - Fears - Phobias - Obsessions/Compulsions

Increasing happiness using positive psychology

Office Information:

Weekend and evening appointments available
Visa/MasterCard/Checks/Cash accepted. Private pay.

For more information, go to www.elizabeth-mcmahon.com.

For free telephone consultation, 415-625-3565