David Tim Lewis, Psy.D.
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Therapy to Enhance Life

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David Tim Lewis, Psy.D.
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Life presents us with difficult challenges even under the best of circumstances. Usually, we rely on the support of friends and family to help us through. But sometimes that just isnít enough.

When emotional demands become so great that nothing seems to help, seeking specialized assistance is the first step to getting your life back.

Psychologists now have dependable methods to address such common problems as depression, addiction and relationship issues. People really do get better, improve their lives and discover new facets of their personality through therapy.

During my 15 years of training and experience, I have developed a collaborative style to treatment that is active and involved Ė not silent and distant Ė and is key to my success in helping clients overcome lifeís inevitable rough patches.

Adult, Individual and Couples Treatment

Areas of Expertise
Addiction (Alcohol/Substance, Sex, Gambling and Internet)
Relationship Issues (Problems Connecting, Abusive Childhood, Family Stress)
LGBT and Questioning Individuals
Occupational Issues of Persons with HIV

Office Information:

Making the decision to get help and finding the right fit with a psychologist is the first, often most difficult step in making lasting changes in your life. It is also a commitment that should be considered with great care.

After scheduling an appointment, Iíll meet with you for an initial session. We will discuss what prompted you to consider therapy and what the process is like. Iíll also be glad to answer any other questions you may have.

A Word About LGBT Treatment
LGBT and questioning individuals face special challenges in life no matter what age or where they are in the coming out process. A therapist who knows and understands these issues can be key in helping you to overcome obstacles associated with living in a heterosexually-biased world. Iíve also spent a great deal of time working with and researching the lives of persons (gay and straight) living with HIV. Above all, I provide a safe space to explore your sexuality and its impact on your life.