Stacy Berlin, Psy.D.
License:   PSY16878   

Clinical Psychology and Psychoanalysis

Studio City and West Los Angeles

Stacy Berlin, Psy.D.
12301 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 210
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Stacy A. Berlin, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist and began practicing in 1995. Dr. Berlin works in a collaborative and interactive manner to create a safe place where one can feel the freedom to explore their feelings and thoughts. She does not have one viewpoint and will struggle with her patients to find a unique connection that allows for change. She is a long standing member of several professional organizations. As a psychologist with extensive and broad education, and experience in psychoanalysis, she brings exceptional awareness to her private practice.

A therapeutic relationship provides an opportunity to express feelings with a supportive listener. This often leads to taking risks in other relationships and the prospect for relating in a new way.

I work with a wide range of humanity, including: traumatic relationship and work endings, crushing anxiety, shame over one's identity, and today's dread of long-ago relational trauma, neglect or abuse.

Life circumstances or expectations of oneself can lead to self-loathing, career, or relationship issues. A therapeutic relationship can assist in short-term relief, long-term resolution, and a richer life.

One can feel a need to be self-sufficient and afraid or ashamed to relying on others. To feel good or avoid loss, one may disregard their needs and lose parts of oneself.

Missing parts can be rediscovered or discovered for the first time. Therapy is a place to become more human and access hidden or frozen feelings. This often leads to better relationships and less stress..

Areas of Expertise
Anxiety - Stress, Rumination, Obsessions, and Panic
Compulsions - Substances, Food, Porn, Sex, and More...
Creativity - Art Therapy or Creative Expressive Techniques
Depression - Mood swings, Misery, and Despair
Gender - Variability, Fluidity, Binaries, and Performance
Loss - Sorrow, Grief, Disavowal, and Deprivation
Personality - Relationships, Intimacy, and Personal Issues
Sex - Variability, Sexual Activity, Fantasy, and Behavior
Trauma - Relational, Developmental, Neglect, Abuse, and Shock

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