Rachel Lefebvre, Ph.D.
License:   PY-7575   

Infertility and Perinatal Psychology

Hibiscus Ob/GYN Clinic

Rachel Lefebvre, Ph.D.
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Dr. Rachel Lefebvre is a licensed psychologist in the State of Florida and the Province of Quebec, Canada. She received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Concordia University Montreal Canada. After earning her Ph.D., Rachel completed a post-doctoral fellowship in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and supervision at the Center for Psychoanalytic Studies at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School. She also was a Co-Investigator and Project Director at the Addiction Research Program of Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School prior to moving to Florida. More recently, Dr. Lefebvre took a strong interest in treating pregnancy related issues including, infertility, depression and anxiety during pregnancy, postpartum depression and pregnancy loss. She obtained training from Dr. Alice Domar at the Domar Center for Complementary Healthcare on the Mind/Body Program for Infertility. Among her many areas of ongoing practice, Dr. Lefebvre specializes in both psychodynamic psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioral techniques. Psychodynamic therapy examines the personality at depth, considering how interpersonal patterns learned in the past may limit one’s present life experience. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) uses systematic, goal-oriented techniques to restructure unwanted habits of thinking, feeling and doing.


Areas of Expertise
Mind/Body Medicine, Stress Management, Infertility, Perinatal Psychology, Miscarriage, Depression during Pregnancy, and Postpartum Adjustments

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