Philip M. Alex, Ph.D.
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Jungian and Depth-oriented Psychotherapy in a General Practice for Adults

Serving Marin County / San Francisco Bay Area / California

Philip M. Alex, Ph.D.

Marin / SF Bay Area, CA

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15833 Mill Creek Blvd., #14187
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🖥️ I hold sessions exclusively by video or phone with patients who reside in California.

🔴 I am not currently accepting new patients.



I conduct a depth-oriented psychotherapy practice for individual adults. I work with people who seek help for a wide range of personal problems such as depression, malaise, anxiety, loss, and difficult life transitions, who have experienced disruptions, constrictions, or impasses in relationships or in their functioning in the world, or who seek a seasoned and empathic ally when meaning or purpose have become elusive or lost from view.

I have provided direct psychotherapeutic services in various clinical and hospital settings since 1981 and have been serving clients in independent practice since 1992.


My approach is guided centrally by, but not limited to, Jungian and contemporary depth-oriented perspectives. I maintain that emotional suffering points us toward the landscape of our private struggles, emotional injuries, problematic internal narratives, and vulnerabilities, but vitally also toward intrinsic pathways toward self-restoration. I hold great respect for the power and influence of the deep layers of our psyches: their potential to harbor wounds, to disrupt us, as well as to inspire and inform us about how we might heal. I invite my clients to listen with me to these communications from within, to take courage from them, and discover ways to translate them into guideposts for change toward greater resilience, balance, authenticity and confidence in encountering the ever-challenging ebbs and flows of life. Old narratives born of past duress, painful adaptations, or trauma can be invested with new meaning and no longer felt to be oppressive predictors of the future. It strikes me as always useful to hold in mind that to heal means to become whole (again, or in some cases for the first time).

I emphasize thoughtful self-reflection, collaborative exploration, and emotional depth in a search for meaning beyond problem-solving alone. I listen keenly to what my clients' symptoms of emotional and related physical suffering may be trying to communicate -- often with the help of analogy, metaphor or symbol. I attend closely to the therapeutic relationship that forms between my clients and myself as an important source of understanding and guidance along the way, and I encourage the integration of dreamwork where appropriate. I tend to be comparatively active in therapeutic style and highly flexible in adapting to my clients' psychological needs and interpersonal rhythms.

I feel strongly that trust, respect, safety, and integrity are fundamental elements of a successful psychotherapy, and, crucially, that in the heart of emotional pain lie the seeds of restoration.

▪︎ Depth-oriented Psychotherapy for Individual Adults
▪︎ Contemporary Jungian and Psychoanalytic Perspectives
▪︎ Long-term Exploratory and Time-Limited Approaches

Areas of Expertise
Individual Psychotherapy for Adults:
▪︎ Anxiety
▪︎ Depression
▪︎ Problems with relationships and intimacy
▪︎ Problems with social adaptation
▪︎ Distress associated with life-transitions
▪︎ Personal growth and self-exploration
▪︎ Dreamwork

Office Information:


🖥️ I hold sessions exclusively by video or phone with patients who reside in California.

🔴 I am not currently accepting new patients.


I accept payment by Zelle electronic transfer or check. I do not accept payment by insurance in order to maximize the confidentiality and independence of the psychotherapeutic work we do together.

Upon request, I will provide you with an insurance-ready document (statement or superbill) to send to your health insurance provider in order to obtain out-of-network reimbursement if that benefit is included in your plan.


tel: 415-457-6234

I strongly encourage having an initial conversation by phone prior to setting up a first appointment. This helps to ensure that I am able to provide the service that you are looking for and gives you a direct opportunity to ask me any preliminary questions that you may have.

I welcome your inquiry and thank you for your interest.

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