Michael Miller, PhD
License:   3941   

I provide therapy to adults, teens, and children ( 6 and older).

Cleveland, OH suburb

Michael Miller, PhD
6133 Rockside Rd. #207
Independence, OH 44131

20525 Center Ridge Rd. #615
Rocky River, OH 44116

(216) 520-5969

fax (216) 520-5098


I have over 30 years of experience in a variety of settings including private practices, community mental health centers, the Cleveland Clinic Health Center, a managed care program, the VA, and a college counseling center.

I will work with you to tailor treatment options to your specific needs and preferences. From the first session, I will offer suggestions, strategies, and/or psychoeducational resources as a starting point toward solutions. I will help you break things down to manageable tasks so you can begin to enjoy success again and to get back to living life. Many matters can be successfully resolved fairly quickly. My goal is to help you quickly achieve your goals.

I provide individual, and couples therapy to adults, teens, and children (6 and older). My approach is eclectic, drawing primarily from cognitive-behavioral and solution focused strategies. I also am certified to provide EMDR.

Areas of Expertise
I specialize in treating anxiety disorders and ADHD (children and adults). I have experience and advanced training in treating Trichotillomania, Chronic Skin Picking, as well as OCD. I also have extensive experience in working with most other behavioral health issues. I do not work with eating disorders or compulsive gambling.

Office Information:

Two locations, both less than 5 minutes off of highways, convenient to most of the Cleveland metropolitan area. Evening and Saturday hours are available.

Please go to http://drmikemiller.com for additional information and self-help tips and resources, as well as http://OCDCleveland.com/

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