Margaret M. Clausen, Psy.D.
License:   24493   

Psychotherapy and Consultation

Berkeley California

Margaret M. Clausen, Psy.D.
3099 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94705


My ten years of experience enable me to serve a wide variety of adults. I work with individuals primarily but also couples and groups. My practice specializes in two broad areas with adults - one being people living with cancer and another being people struggling with relationships. Of course, these two areas sometimes overlap, and many arenas of difficulty may exist in these areas. See my areas of expertise below, and I invite you to visit my website.

In addition to my doctorate in clinical psychology, I also possess a Master's degree in philosophy. I have worked in medical hospitals, hospice, addiction treatment venues, community mental health, and psychiatric emergency. In addition to my clinical experience I possess many years in focused study and practice in mindfulness, therapeutic writing and creative writing.

Individual psychotherapy for adults 18 and older

Areas of Expertise
addiction anxiety depression living with cancer chronic pain relationship problems separation and loss traumatic loss trauma work-related stress

Office Information:

Day and evening appointments available.

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