Ann A. Helmus, Ph.D.
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Neuropsychology & Education Services for Children & Adolescents

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Ann A. Helmus, Ph.D.
NESCA, p.c.
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Dr. Helmus is a clinical neuropsychologist who founded the Children’s Evaluation Center (CEC) in Newton, MA and served as co-director there for almost ten years. She received her undergraduate degree in Neural Science from Brown University and earned her doctorate at Boston University School of Medicine.

Her postdoctoral fellowship in pediatric neuropsychology was completed at Children’s Hospital in Boston, where she remained on staff for seven years. Concurrently, she served as neuropsychologist to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Clinic at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

Dr. Helmus specializes in the evaluation of children with learning and attentional disorders, as well as primary neurological disorders. In addition to assessing children, she also provides consultation and training to both public and private school systems. She frequently makes presentations to groups of parents, particularly on the topics of non-verbal learning disability and executive functioning.

She is the mother of two school-age children.

NESCA offers a full range of neuropsychological testing, diagnostic and treatment services, specializing in the evaluation and remediation of nonverbal and other learning disabilities, assessment of executive functioning and ADHD, special education issues, school placements and tutoring, as well as psycho-diagnostic projective testing, counseling, social skills development and mind-body integration.

NESCA tests, evaluates and treats children - aged pre-school through adolescence – who are confronted by developmental, learning or emotional challenges. Although many of the children we evaluate would traditionally have been seen in a hospital setting, parents choose us because they appreciate our friendliness and accessibility, the much higher degree of personal care we provide, and our eagerness and ability to follow-through, long-term.

Areas of Expertise
Learning Disabilities
Academic Challenges
School Placement
Autism Spectrum Disorders

Office Information:

We accept debit and all major credit cards and personal checks. Our facilities are fully handicap accessible and near to public transportation.