Cricket Evans, MSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
License:   SW5922   

Counseling for adults, children, teens, individuals, couples and families.

Near the intersection of State Roads 434 and 436.

Cricket Evans, MSW
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Life Is Too Short To Suffer!

Do you want to improve your relationship, your family, or things about yourself? You are getting very close to receiving the help that you are looking for!

Are you having marriage or relationship problems?

Are you stressed or depressed?

Are you overwhelmed with anxiety?

Are you angry and irritable?

Are your children or teens having emotional or behavior problems?

Are issues in your work life or home life getting to you?

Would you like to:

Improve your marriage or relationship?

Improve your mood?

Reduce stress?

Reduce your worry and anxiety?

Stop being angry and irritable?

Get help for your child or teenager who is having emotional or behavior problems?

Do you need to stop living with issues and start dealing with them?

How long have you considered getting counseling? You do not have to suffer any longer. Isn't it time to start solving the problems?

I specialize in:

Relationship and marriage counseling,

Family counseling, and

Individual counseling for adults, children as young as 3 years old, and teenagers.

Life coaching, to help people make transitions in their lives and reach goals that have previously been difficult to achieve.

People come to counseling because they want positive changes in their lives.
Yes, I understand it is scary to come to someone you do not know well to discuss your problems, worries and fears. You may be a little tense for the first meeting. This is normal. But, I want to tell you that nearly everyone says even after the first session that they were glad they took this first step toward improving their lives.

Some people have some interesting ideas about what to expect when they come to counseling, so I want to dispel some of the myths. There is no couch. I am not going to "analyze", judge or label you. I am not going to spend endless sessions sitting and listening to every detail of your upbringing-nodding my head and saying, "yes, I see." Although we will review your past, most of the time we will focus on how to make positive changes to improve your life now. I am not going to sit and referee one long argument in couples counseling to decide who is "right". Even though I am concerned for your welfare, I cannot and will not "make " you do anything.

What is counseling, and what happens during counseling? You sit and talk with me about your problems and concerns. You will be respected as a unique individual. You will learn new things. There is a great deal of training and teaching that occur during counseling. I will give you clear suggestions on ways you can change your thinking or behavior. If you follow the positive suggestions that are offered, you can make immediate positive changes in your life. I am caring, respectful and direct.

If you contact me for counseling in an area that I do not specialize in, I will refer you to another therapist.

Do you feel like you are stuck in mud? Are you frustrated about not reaching your goals and dreams? Is your career or family life falling short of your expectations? Coaching may be for you!

Coaching works with highly functioning-goal oriented people. A coach can help you get unstuck; get over, under and through the fear and other obstacles that are holding you back from ultimate success in your life. Please go to our coaching page to find out if coaching is just what you need to reach your dreams.

Do you want to break a habit, overcome a phobia or fear, improve your performance in a specific area, well, hypnosis may be just what you have been seeking. Please see my website for a listing of all the issues that can benefit from hypnosis.

Couples, individuals and families,children as young as 3 years of age, teenagers, and adults.
Services include:
Marriage Problems
Relationship Issues
Panic Attacks
Grief and Loss
Post-Traumatic Stress
Mood Swings
Bipolar Disorder
Anger Issues
Emotional Problems
Other Mental Health Problems
Self-esteem Issues
Career, Job, or School Difficulties
Poor Coping Skills
Step-Family Issues
Domestic Violence
Parenting Issues
Substance Abuse
Other Addictions
Eating Disorders
Coping With Pain and Medical Conditions
Other Family Concerns

Hypnosis is for anyone trying to break a habit (like smoking), reduce anxiety, overcome phobias, or improve performance. Please see my website for the entire list of issues that benefit from hypnosis.

Life Coaching for Professionals seeking positive life and career changes.

Relationship Coaching for those trying to improve their relationship.

Areas of Expertise
Couples, individuals and families,children as young as 3 years of age, teenagers, and adults.

Counseling for issue that include:

Marriage and Relationship Issues
Divorce and Step-Family Issues
Depression, Stress, Anxiety and Panic
Parenting Skills Training
Grief and Loss
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Phobias and Fears
Mood Swings, and Bipolar Disorder
Self-Esteem Issues
Anger Management
Behavior Concerns
Attention Deficits (adult,teen, and child)
Substance Abuse
Other Addictions
Eating Disorders
Coping With Pain and Medical Conditions
Other Family Issues
Other Mental Health Issues

Hypnosis, please see my website for all the issues that can benefit from hypnosis.

Life Coaching issues may include:

College issues (choosing or changing a major, completing a Dissertation, etc.)

Career changes or career development,

Self-esteem issues,

Reaching personal goals, and self-development,

Getting "unstuck", and goal development,

And Finding oneself.

Starting a new business.

Relationship coaching for individuals or couples trying to improve their relationship.

Office Information:

Appointments available weekdays, evenings and Saturdays. Office hours 11:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Friday. Saturdays 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Private, confidential, caring and respectful. You are important!

Free initial telephone consultation with your therapist, Cricket Evans.

Please call 407-862-2662 to set an appointment or your initial telephone consultation.

Insurance accepted. Aetna, Cigna, United, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Value Options, and private pay. Call to inquire about your insurance, because new ones are being added.

Accepting cash, checks, Visa, Master Card and Discover.