Laura Johnson, LMFT, LPCC
Licensed Counselor
License:   MFC48807   

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center of Silicon Valley - Anxiety and OCD Experts

Silicon Valley

Laura Johnson, LMFT, LPCC
12961 Village Drive
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The Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center of Silicon Valley offers practical, goal-oriented therapy to help you and your loved ones make positive changes in your lives. We specialize in therapy and counseling for Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and anxiety-related problems in adults, children and teenagers. We can help you increase positive emotions, optimism and resilience while letting go of unhelpful thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

We stand out for our passion for helping our clients learn new skills to achieve their goals, our understanding and caring for our clients, and our relentless pursuit of advanced training and knowledge to deliver more effective therapy for our clients.

The therapists at the Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center are empathic, understanding and committed to providing high quality, evidence-based therapy for our clients. All of our therapists are employees of the CBT Center and receive ongoing training in CBT for anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD) to ensure we are all delivering high quality, evidence-based treatments for your problems. This ensures you will receive “real” cognitive behavior therapy based on the best practices in the field no matter which therapist you see.

Our Center Director, Laura L.C. Johnson, MBA, MA, LMFT, LPCC, has a passion for her work as a cognitive behavior therapist and helping her clients make lasting changes in their lives. Laura’s counseling approach integrates cognitive behavior therapy and other evidence-based therapies with positive psychology. Laura is certified in cognitive therapy by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy , a graduate of the year long extramural program at the Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, intensively trained in dialectical behavior therapy by Behavioral Tech and completed three certificate programs in OCD treatment through the Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety at the University of Pennsylvania and the OCD Foundation’s Behavior Therapy Training Institute. In addition, Laura has a unique background as a psychotherapist with a Columbia MBA and hands-on management experience in the corporate world.

We are located in Saratoga just a half mile from Highway 85 and the Saratoga Avenue exit. From this convenient location, we serve the Silicon Valley communities of San Jose, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Cupertino, Campbell, Monte Sereno, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Santa Clara and Los Altos.

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Evidence-Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Areas of Expertise
Anxiety Therapy for Adults, Children and Teens

• Generalized anxiety (GAD) Counseling
• Panic Disorder Therapy
• Agoraphobia Therapy
• Specific Phobia Counseling
• Social Anxiety Therapy
• Selective Mutism Therapy

Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Disorders Therapy for Adults, Children and Teens

• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Therapy
• Tic Disorders/Tourette Syndrome Therapy including Tourettic OCD
• Hypochondria/Health Anxiety Counseling
• Trichotillomania/Hair Pulling Therapy
• Compulsive Skin Picking Therapy
• Body Dysmorphic Disorder Therapy

Office Information:

During the telephone screening call, we will match you with the best therapist to meet your needs and schedule. Our practice is not on any insurance panels. However, if you have a PPO that provides out of network benefits, you may be eligible for some reimbursement. Visit our website at for more information.