Cathy Buckwell, PhD
License:   96-3173352501   

Senior clinical psychologist, National Stress Clinic

Throughout Utah and Wyoming

Cathy Buckwell, PhD
40 East Main St
Garden City, UT 84028


Dr Cathy Buckwell has over 15 years experience counseling patients on issues ranging from anxiety and depression to couples and family group therapy, from her postgraduate work with youth and families to her personal practice .

Dr Buckwell has also built her practice treating patients from all across the social spectrum with a wide array of disorders. In addition to her private practice, she has experience in the forensic and correctional aspects of psychology, allowing her great insight into a great range of mental health issues.

The insights afforded by her wide experience allow Dr Buckwell a gift for understanding and providing counsel in any setting.

Online & Distance therapy
Licensed in Utah and Wyoming
Works with Adults, Seniors, Adolescents, Children

Areas of Expertise
Anxiety disorders
cognitive disorders
mood disorders
personality disorders
schizophrenia & psychotic disorders
substance-related disorders

Office Information:

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