Marcella Adamski, Ph.D.
License:   9680   

A downtown San Francisco psychologist with 25 years experience.

Financial District of San Francisco

Marcella Adamski, Ph.D.
220 Montgomery St., #1800
San Francisco, CA 94104


Drawing on 25 years experience, I work with people in an engaged, interactive manner bringing both competency and compassion to the therapeutic relationship.

I offer short term therapy to address such issues as relationship conflicts, career difficulties, grief reactions, or stressful situations.

I also offer in-depth therapy to help individuals resolve more on-going problems such as chronic depression, recurrent anxiety or difficulties arising from childhood traumas or dysfunctional families. By providing psychological expertise in a confidential, safe environment we can address challenging life issues with respect and care.

Therapy for individuals, couples and families.

Areas of Expertise
With a practice in the downtown San Francisco Financial District, I often treat people who are:
Professionals in high stress careers such as law, finance, technology and business
People dealing with career changes, loss of employment or workplace problems such as sexual harassment, discrimination or bullying by bosses
Individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, panic attacks or insecurities which impede their optimal functioning
Workers faced with health issues, including alcohol or drug abuse

I also provide therapy for people with:
Communication or relationship problems, and those dealing with divorce
Trauma experiences, a family history of abuse or personal issues arising from growing up in dysfunctional families
Diverse cultural, religious or ethnic backgrounds, cross-cultural conflicts with parents from another country, or international survivors of torture
Older adults, their families and nursing homes needing psychological assistance to address or prevent transfer trauma or relocation trauma when moving elders to new settings.

Office Information:

Call for a free phone consultation or to make an appointment: (415) 921-0110.