Neil Schierholz, PsyD
License:   PSY25154   

Character Analytic & Orgonomic Psychotherapy: Individuals, Couples, Groups

Los Angeles: Westside, near Brentwood and Santa Monica

Neil Schierholz, PsyD
11847 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90025

3237 Sacramento Street
San Francisco CA 94115

(310) 866-0440

I am a licensed psychologist (PSY25154) with more than nine years of experience in clinical psychology after a long career in providing organization development consulting services to more than 45 organizations through my own company. My therapeutic approach includes traditional psychodynamic/psychoanalytic therapy coupled with a specialty in orgonomic biopsychotherapy (Reichian character analytic therapy).

My education includes the following:
• PsyD Clinical Psychology: California Institute of Integral Studies – San Francisco, California
• MA Clinical Psychology: California Institute of Integral Studies – San Francisco, California
• MS Industrial & Organizational Psychology: University of Central Florida – Orlando, Florida
• BS Chemical Engineering: University of California, San Diego – La Jolla, California

My hope is to bring true mindbody (orgonomic) psychotherapy to as many people as possible, and, especially to bring this unique way of working into organizations that so desperately need this kind of guidance and healing. The focus of my work is longer-term, depth therapy that addresses root cause rather than just reducing symptoms.

I am happy to present "Fundamentals of Orgonomic (Reichian) Therapy" and "What's it Like to be a Patient in Orgonomic (Reichian) Therapy?" to interested groups.

I specialize in providing character analytic and orgonomic (Reichian) psychotherapy to individuals, couples/dyads, adult families, and groups

I offer intense process groups for intact work teams (executive/senior management teams, boards of directors, etc.) as well as individual leadership therapy and personality conflict management

I offer workshops, titled "The CFO in the Therapist's Chair," to help therapists run their practice like a business

Areas of Expertise
Are you having relationship issues with your partner, a family member, or coworker? Sometimes substance use or infidelity or control is in the mix. Maybe your partner just can’t activate and “get going.”

Are you feeling anxious and nervous, unable to settle down, relax, and feel safe?

Maybe you feel socially awkward and unsure of yourself, and that your self-esteem and confidence is shot to the point where you have trouble making your own decisions. Maybe you feel badly about your own body and you find that you are harsh with yourself, constantly seeking others’ approval.

Do you struggle with substances, depression, or feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by a chaotic and unmanageable life? Maybe you’ve had some major changes in your life recently.

All of this can result in health problems in your body, difficulties in freely and gracefully expressing emotions, and isolation and loneliness.

I am a licensed psychologist (PSY25154) with a focus on depth therapy that gets at the root cause of these sorts of struggles rather than just reducing symptoms. I also offer orgonomic (Reichian) therapy as an integrated treatment with talk therapy. This somatic approach does not artificially differentiate between mind and body, psyche and soma, but instead treats you as a whole person. I work with individuals, couples, adult families, and groups.

Office Information:

Want to know if I’m the right therapist for you or someone you care about?

Research indicates that the single most important factor in therapy is the relationship you have with your therapist. I, too, have found this to be true. One of the best ways to know if I can help you is by finding out for yourself what it’s like to talk with me. That way you can determine for yourself if we are a match and we can talk about any questions, concerns, and doubts you might have. Simply give me a call at (310) 866-0440 in Los Angeles or (415) 821-2345 in San Francisco and we'll get started.