Rick Grant-Coons, PsyD
License:   25285   


Rick Grant-Coons, PsyD
2620 J Street #9
Sacramento, CA 95816



My experience as a therapist began as a client. After greatly benefiting from my own therapy, I realized I wanted to help create that healing space for others. I became a therapist because I believe in the work. I know how effective it was for me and I know it can also work for others. I understand how difficult it is to make that first call to a therapist. Will it work? Will they understand me? I was there myself and I met with a few therapists before I found the right one for me.

The relationship with the therapist is absolutely imperative for the therapy to work. This is why I don't charge a fee for the first visit. I don't want there to be any financial loss to the client if we decide not to work together.

I work collaboratively with the client to identify the goals for therapy and find ways to achieve those goals. I strive to create a space free of judgment so that the client can safely explore who they are and what they want their life to be. It is an honor to be a part of this process and to observe people recognizing their inherit value and worth. We all deserve the opportunity to thrive in a life we have designed based upon our potential for happiness. I strive to find a way for every client to have that opportunity.

Individual Therapy (50 minute session)
Couple's Therapy (50 or 80 minute session)
Suicide Prevention Training (2 or 3 hours)

Areas of Expertise
LGBTQ Affirmative Therapy
Suicide Prevention

Office Information:

Fees vary. Contact for details.

Suicide Prevention Trainings are free for organizations in the greater Sacramento area.

I am not an in-network provider for any insurance agency. I can provide you an invoice to be submitted for reimbursement as an out-of-network provider. Check with your insurance company to see if you qualify.