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Professional Resources
DSM-IV-TR online ... diagnoses & criteria.

APA Ethics page ...  the complete codes.
... 10 Ways to avoid common ethical mistakes.

Ken Pope's Page ... ethics and risk management articles from professional journals ... and more.

Ofer Zur on ethics ... articles, resources and more ... practical and from a therapeutic perspective.

APA Practice Guidelines ... specialty areas of practice and special special competencies defined. The practical side of ethical practice.

HIPAA Compliance Tools ... from Ofer Zur.

Find State and Federal laws, codes and cases at FindLaw ... the web's best free legal source.
Forensic Psychologists
at psyris

Essential Readings
in Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology Blog

Clinical Lawyer Blog
Psychologist/Attorney Adam Alban
... essential counsel for practitioners
APA Home

APA Help Center
Consumer information

APA Practice Directorate
Practice News & Resources

The National Psychologist
... an essential news source.

The National Alliance of Professional Psychology Providers

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