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Ilene Serlin, Ph.D, BC-DMT
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Ilene A. Serlin, Ph.D, BC-DMT is a licensed psychologist and registered dance/movement therapist in practice in San Francisco and Marin county. She is the past-president of the San Francisco Psychological Association, a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, past-president of the Division of Humanistic Psychology. Ilene Serlin has taught at Saybrook University, Lesley University, UCLA, the NY Gestalt Institute and the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich. She is the editor of Whole Person Healthcare (2007, 3 vol., Praeger) over 100 chapters and articles on body, art and psychotherapy, and is on the editorial boards of PsycCritiques, the American Dance Therapy Journal, the Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Arts & Health: An International Journal of Research, Policy and Practice, Journal of Applied Arts and Health, and The Humanistic Psychologist.

Ilene Serlin and Union Street Health Associates focuses on the interactions between mind and body, and the ways in which emotional, mental, social and spiritual elements can affect psychological and physical health. It uses the arts, movement and imagery to promote the natural capacity of all of us to understand ourselves and improve our health and well-being.

What we believe

At Union Street Health Associates, we believe in the innate tendency of all living things to heal themselves. We work with the natural healing life force of mind, body and spirit to restore and maximize health. Using holistic care, we empower people to be creative participants in their own healing process.We are a clinical resource center providing services to individuals, organizations, businesses, and communities. Our services include individual and couples psychotherapy and group psychotherapy.

Our mind/body and spiritual approaches combine thorough grounding in clinical skills with a use of the arts, imagery, movement, and meditation to reduce stress, depression, loss and grief, and to enhance creativity and well-being. Participants in our group have described expanded aliveness, self-awareness, and resiliency. At Union Street Health Associates, we provide an opportunity to discover your own healing stories, imagination and soul in everyday life

We offer Arts Medicine

To heal is to make whole. The arts - dance, music, imagery - have been used since ancient times to connect individuals to self-understanding and healing powers. Using symbolic language of the right brain, the arts help you communicate with your unconscious mind, read your body symptoms, and develop images which can guide you on your journey. Drawing on the Greek concept of preventive medicine, arts medicine uses imagery and ritual to promote a harmonious balance mind, body and spirit.

Arts Medicine can improve wellness through enhanced body image, vitality and sense of self. It can also benefit people challenging life-threatening illnesses such as cancer. By dissolving blocks to health, arts medicine can complement traditional medical practices by empowering participants to discover and reclaim their own creative life-affirming powers.

We work with people who are facing stress from life-changing situations such as:

*career change
*serious illness

We work with groups, couples, or individuals to help them create their own healing rituals or rites of passage for medical, psychological or spiritual difficulties. We help them understand and take charge of their lives and medical care.

We consult to hospitals, groups and health professionals to train them how to do Integrative Healing Arts or to develop their own programs. We offer quarterly Introductory and ongoing programs.


Ilene Serlin and the Union Street Health Associates staff is experienced in providing workshops and consultation in areas such as:

*Discover your inner healer and learn to let it guide you

*Transform pain and loss into acceptance and life changes

*Learn to navigate stressful waters

*Explore body image, femininity, masculinity, sexuality

*Create personal rituals of healing

What others say abourt Arts Medicine:

"I believe that each one of us yearns to express our unique self through the symbolic form of the arts; when we find a way to do this, we often find an avenue to bliss. Writing, the visual arts, music and dance all guide us into a state of flow that is healing to the mind and body.

Sadja Greenwood, MD
Author, Menopause Naturally

"Ilene Serlin is a true seeker who will generate new knowledge about the human condition and explore the practical applications of this new understanding in the daily issues that confront her."

Ernest Rossi, Ph.D
C.G. Jung Institute Los Angeles
Author, The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing

"She is well grounded in existential, humanistic and transpersonal psychology and is particularly gifted in integrating movement and body awareness with clinical practice."

Frances Vaughan, Ph.D
Former President, Association of Transpersonal Psychology
Author, Shadows of the Sacred

"Watching her work with people, I have seen an openness and sensitivity to the body and a deep compassion for the soul."

Marion Woodman
Jungian analyst
Author, Addiction to Perfection

Areas of Expertise

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