Lucy Jo Palladino, PhD
License:   PSY10245   

Consultant to improve attention and resistance to distraction

Encinitas, in north San Diego county

Lucy Jo Palladino, PhD
P.O. Box 231183
Encinitas, CA 92023-1183


As a licensed psychologist who specializes in attention control, I help organizations, schools, families, and individuals learn new skills to stay on track in today's age of endless distraction.

During my 30 years of practice, I've worked with hundreds of people of all ages. Some have had attention deficit disorder. Others have had problems staying focused because of their giftedness, sensitivity, anxiety, or because of the challenges and pressures they face at work or in life.

My doctoral degree is in clinical psychology. I was the principal investigator for a federal research grant, and I was on the clinical faculty at the University of Arizona Medical School. As I developed my interest in attention control, I took advanced training in sports psychology, a field which has pioneered the practice of attention control.

I am the author of DREAMERS, DISCOVERERS & DYNAMOS: HOW TO HELP THE CHILD, WHO IS BRIGHT, BORED, AND HAVING PROBLEMS IN SCHOOL, published by Ballantine (NY), and winner of the best self-help book award in San Diego. (DREAMERS, DISCOVERERS & DYNAMOS was formerly titled THE EDISON TRAIT in hardcover.)

My newest book, FIND YOUR FOCUS ZONE: AN EFFECTIVE NEW PLAN TO DEFEAT DISTRACTION AND OVERLOAD, published by Free Press (NY), has been translated into eight languages.

Staff training and workshops
Professional development classes for teachers
Individual, parent, program, and organizational consultation

Areas of Expertise
Human attention

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