Kevin Richards, Ph.D., ABPP
License:   PSY002508   

Forensic Psychological Evaluation and Consultation services

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Kevin Richards, Ph.D., ABPP
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I am a Board Certified Forensic Psychologist with over 20 years of experience. I worked for many years in the public sector, first at Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center, the state of Maryland's maximum security forensic hospital and then for the Department of Human Resources in Georgia. Since 2007, I have operated a private Forensic and Clinical Psychology evaluation and consultation practice. I have performed well over 1000 evaluations of criminal defendants in state criminal courts and have now expanded my practice to include not only adult criminal work but also juvenile court cases involving delinquency and child protection, Military Courts Martial, psychosexual evaluation, violence risk assessment, sexual violence risk assessment and child custody in divorce. I am competent and available to consult on a variety of less common issues such as competency to waive rights under Miranda, capital sentencing and the validity/utility of forensic issues in abuse allegations. I have been trained in Forensic Interviewing in suspected cases of child physical and sexual abuse. I have been qualified as an expert in Forensic Psychology and testified literally hundreds of times in State Criminal and Juvenile Courts, Military Court, Probate Court and in Administrative Proceedings.

-Criminal Forensic Evaluations:
-Competency to Stand Trial
-Competency to Waive rights under Miranda
-Criminal Responsibility/Mental State at the time of the offense
-Diminished Capacity/Diminished Responsibility/Specific Intent
-Sentencing, including capital cases (both in terms of mitigation and aggravation)
-Violence Risk Assessment
-Criminal Forensic Consultation
-Preparation of briefs/presentations and testimony regarding relevant psychological issues
-Consultation and testimony regarding discovery materials such as Forensic Interviews
-Military Forensic Psychology Practice
-Serve as Confidential Consultant to the Government or Defense Counsel
-Serve as an Expert Witness in Courts Martial and other proceedings under UCMJ
-Evaluation of Parental Fitness in Child Protection
-Evaluation regarding Child Custody in Divorce
-Psychosexual evaluation of alleged perpetrators in pre-trial proceedings
-Psychosexual evaluation of offenders
-Sexual Violence RIsk Assessment

Areas of Expertise
-Attorneys who require a consultation or evaluation of someone they are defending or prosecuting
-Prosecutors and Criminal Defense Attorneys in Criminal Court
-Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys in Juvenile Court (regarding delinquency and/or child
-Criminal defendants in adult and juvenile Court
-Individuals convicted of a crime who are seeking a violence or sexual violence risk assessment
-Parents who are involved in child protection proceeding
-Parents who are involved in child custody proceedings in divorce or a change in an child custody

Office Information:

-It is my goal to be as responsive as possible to those who seek my services.
-I understand that it is often the case that time is of the essence. Therefore,
-I can be reached any time at my office number.
-I provide my on coverage and answer my own calls. If I can't take your call, you'll hear back
from me as soon as possible and always within 24 hours.

-If you'd prefer to email me, please feel free to do so at I will
email back or call as soon as I can and always within 24 hours.