Cathleen Mann, Ph.D.
Licensed Counselor
License:   Colo LPC #1062   

Expert consultation on cult related issues

Lakewood, Colorado, a western suburb of Denver

Cathleen Mann, Ph.D.
1880 S. Pierce Street, Unit 7
Lakewood, CO 80232


fax 303-934-2892 303-937-7402

I have an earned doctorate in psychology with a dissertation on a forensic related topic. I have been licensed as a counselor in Colorado since 1994. I have been court qualified and/or provided expert reports in the area of cults and high demand groups; child custody and cults; long and short term effects of cult involvement; psychological research concerning this area; fraud, misuse of relationships, wills & probate, guardianships, and related areas concerning the effects of high demand groups on individuals and families.

I am available for consultation to attorneys and/or families. I have over 10 years experience in the legal aspects of these areas, and over 15 years of counseling experience.

Criminal, family, and civil case consultation
Diagnostic assessment and evaluation
Court ordered evaluations
Child custody consultation
Expert testimony

Areas of Expertise
Court qualified as an expert in the area of high demand groups (cults) and family, child custody, and individual issues.

Consultation support for lawyers.

Investigations and reports.

Extensive legal testimony experience.

Office Information:

Available on request.

24 hour secure fax.

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