Allan Cooperstein, Ph.D.
License:   PS002691L   

Psychology: Clinical, Forensic, Disability, Rehabilitation

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Allan Cooperstein, Ph.D.
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M. Allan Cooperstein, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist specializing in Clinical, Forensic and Disability as well as offering psychotherapy. He has backgrounds in a variety of settings, including a State penitentiary, State mental hospital, directing a comprehensive pain management center, and providing diagnostic and treatment at a sleep/sex laboratory.

In independent practice for almost 20 years, he is board certified in Forensic Traumatology and a Senior Disability Analyst. He is a medical expert for the Social Security Administration and a Pennsylvania Disability Examiner & Vocational Rehabilitation Expert. He holds a Bachelors degree (Psychology major), a Masters (Clinical Psychology) and a doctorate from Saybrook Institute (Psychology). He has been a psychological test reviewer for Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, is on the Bulletin Committee of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, the Scientific Advisory board of the Monterey Institute for the Study of Alternative Healing Arts, and is an article/book reviewer for the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research. He has published numerous articles and offered presentations in the US and Europe.

He has provided Forensic and Expert Witness services for over twenty-five years, enjoying complex cases. He does not advocate either side of a legal issue, but serves as an objective fact-finder and educator for the trier(s)-of-fact. Implementing an art background, he prepares forensic reports and Powerpoint presentations for trials.

-Testing & Evaluation.
-Individual psychotherapy.
-Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs).
-Personnel Selection.
-Personal Injury Evaluations.
-Presurgical Evaluations.
-Immigration/Asylum Evaluations.
-Appeals: Disability, Veteran\'s Benefits, Social Security, etc.
-Disability Evaluations.
-Neuropsychological Screening.
-Physiological Evaluations of pain, posttraumatic stress, and other
physical manifestations of psychological problems.
-Malingering and Biased Responding Evaluations.
-Physical or Emotional Traumas.
-Vocational/Career Evaluations.
-Educational Evaluations: Psychoeducational (readiness and accommodations
for SAT, LSAT, etc.).
-Workers Compensation Evaluations.
-Wage Analysis & Lost Earnings.

Areas of Expertise
-Psychological Testing, Evaluations. Assessment.
-Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs).
-Personal Injury.
-Peer reviews.
-Disability: Veteran\'s Benefits, Social Security.
-Neuropsychological Screening.
-Physiological Evaluations for pain, posttraumatic stress.
-Evaluations of malingering and biased responding.
-Evaluation of effecs of physical or emotional Trauma.
-Vocational evaluations.
-Educational Evaluations: Psychoeducational.
-Workers Compensation evaluations.
-Future wage loss analyses and lost earnings.
-Psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, anger management,stress
reduction,marital and relationship problems.
-Sleep disturbance

Office Information:

-No charge for forensic phone consultations.
-Please call to discuss your needs and raise questions.
-Clients seen only by appointment.
-Major insurances accepted.
-Convenient locations.
-Online services offered.
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